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Ute mounted work platforms at work

Ute mounted work platforms at work

22-Aug-2014 - The NL100LVM ute mounted EWP is perfect for contractors looking for a nimble vehicle mounted EWP. Pay TV, internet cabling and Low Voltage electrical connections are all popular tasks carried out using the NL100LVM. The small size of the carrier chassis allows operators to get into tight locations in inner city, and with vertical stabilisers that do not protrude outside the tray width, traffic management is kept to a minimum.

Whilst many contractors own their own Nifty-Lift NL100LVM, it is also a popular model with hire companies.

Mounting the NL100LVM on a ute means no truck licence is required, allowing hire companies to dry hire this EWP to people with only a car licence. Robust construction and simple design ensure maintenance costs are minimal- we encourage hire companies to consider the Nifty-Lift NL100LVM to ensure a great return on their invested capital!

We have also recently delivered non-insulated NL100LVM for use in maintaining and cleaning the Airbus A380!

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