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NL122TF for Horizon Power - Western Australia

NL122TF for Horizon Power - Western Australia

30-Apr-2016 -

Horizon Power is responsible for maintenance of a large portion of the power distribution system in remote rural Western Australia, and accordingly they require absolute reliability in their equipment.  Recently, we were pleased to supply the first Nifty-Lift EWP into the Horizon Power fleet.  The unit is the popular NL122TF which offers a 13 metre working height, 270º articulating fly boom and 90º basket rotator, and is mounted on a 4x4 chassis. 

A thorough operator and mechanic training session was included in the supply agreement to ensure the Horizon Power linesmen can safely and efficiently utilise the new EWP.

Horizon also selected the optional Enhanced User Interface (standard feature on >14 metre models) on the NL122TF.  With a detailed Help section including fault finding and override features, as well as data logging and inbuilt service information, this Nifty-Lift NL122TF is perfectly suited to dedicated service in remote Australia.  

13m EWP with 270 degree fly boomEnhanced User InterfaceNL122TFRadio remote controls


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