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NL120KDT street lighting combo

NL120KDT street lighting combo

10-Dec-2013 - Nifty-Lift has developed an EWP package perfect for high volume street lighting works.

In conjunction with valued Nifty-Lift customers Travel Tower Hire and Intrinsic Energy, we have designed the ideal street lighting contractor specification, based on the Nifty-Lift NL120KDT. 
When fitted with our suspension lockouts system to remove the need for deploying stabilisers, the NL120KDT becomes a highly efficient EWP for lighting works. The NL120KDT is able to quickly move from pole to pole without time consuming truck setup, and with 9 metres of side reach and 13 metre working height, the operator is able to easily tackle dozens of lights a day. 
Travel Tower Hire and Intrinsic Energy have large fleets of Nifty-Lift EWPs, consisting of NL120KDT, the 15 metre NL140RKT and the 18 metre NL170RKT. Customers since 2005, we are proud to have furnished their fleets with highly efficient EWPs that have helped ensure growth for their businesses. 
If you are looking for an EWP to help your street lighting or hire business grow, please contact us to discuss our popular NL120KDT.

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