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New Nifty-Lift NL170KTF

New Nifty-Lift NL170KTF

16-Dec-2009 - The first NL170KTF has rolled out of the Nifty-Lift production facility, having completed hundreds of hours of operation, engineering testing and quality inspections to ensure this new model meets the high standards of the rest of the Nifty-Lift range. 

With a working height of 18 metres and t
he exceptional maneuverability of the 180º fly boom and basket rotator makes the NL170KTF highly suited to work in and around overhead power lines.  Coupled with the patented 132kV “IICL” insert, the machines are ideal for hassle-free live line work.
You can download the PDF below.

NL 170KTF NL 170KTF (745 KB)


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