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New Material Handler model released, featuring load monitoring!

New Material Handler model released, featuring load monitoring!

15-Jun-2015 - Nifty-Lift has done it again! We are proud to announce the release of another industry leading model- this time an 18 metre material Handling EWP featuring load monitoring!

This exciting new model features twin 180kg rated baskets and a material handling Gin Pole between the baskets, which is rated to an impressive750kg. The 33kv insulated Gin Pole is designed to lift, push and pull power lines, as well as transformers, cross arms and other electrical components.

The new EWP features a 132kV top boom insulator, and a 33kV or optional 66kV chassis insulator.

Being fully insulated, the inclusion of the gin pole load monitoring system could well be a worldwide first! The twin load cells measure both horizontal and vertical loads, and this information is transferred to the CANbus operating system for display on the Enhanced User Interface colour screen, and on the operator radio remote control. Of course, the system is a key safety feature to ensure safe use of the crane gin pole, and will cut out the EWP in case of overload.

To ensure the new Nifty-Lift NL185K-MH is versatile on the job site, the gin pole is able to extend and retract, and change angle from horizontal through to vertical. Once locked into the ideal work position, the gin pole self levels as the boom angle changes during operation, ensuring the load is lifted/ pushed/ pulled in the angle the operator requires. The Nifty-Lift gin pole is complemented by custom insulator/ wire lifting arms soon to be released, as well as being able to facilitate the use of lifting attachments by other manufacturers (such as Chance).

Both EWP baskets also feature 90º basket rotation to ensure the operators are able to easily reach their job.

The first NL185K-MH was mounted on an all wheel drive 6x6 chassis, and is headed to Western Power in Western Australia. With the first ten of this new EWP already sold, this model looks set to revolutionise the construction and maintenance of high voltage power lines.

NL185K-MH Basket End Close UpNL185K-MH Basket RemoteNL185K-MH Baskets and Pole StowedNL185K-MH- DS Stowed
NL185K-MH Full HeightNL185K-MH PSNL185K-MH Rear - In air


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