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9 metre contractor EWP- Nifty-Lift NL90DT

9 metre contractor EWP- Nifty-Lift NL90DT

30-Nov-2013 - We recently delivered a number of our popular NL90DT 9 metre EWPs to some excited Nifty-Lift customers. The vehicles shown in these photos were delivered to Ventel, who work in the telecommunications industry, Banner Specialists, who specialise in outdoor signage, and the City of Charles Sturt (South Australia), who use their new NL90DT in their tree trimming department.  

The NL90DT is a compact unit, able to be mounted to a car licence AWD truck to give great manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Available with a large number of options to tailor the specification to meet your needs, these units are a great tool for contractors across many industries. 

Checking in with Kim Hanlon of Ventel a few months after delivery, Kim had this to say on the Nifty-Lift NL90DT- “It’s a very versatile, compact, go anywhere setup. Our operators are very impressed“.  

Great feedback that summarises one of the main reasons the Nifty-Lift NL90DT is so popular with contractors!

01-Double parked NL90DT01-9 metre working heightNL90DT working- VentelTree trimming Nifty-LIft
Twin NL90DTNL90DT Front01-Nifty-Lift maintenance5.8m side reach
01-9 metre working height9 metre Nifty-Lift - Banner Specialists900mm wide LV basketBasket controls- LV version
NL90DT working- Ventel 2

These EWPs were also the stars of our new demonstration video, which you can watch on the NL90DT information page. Click on this link to be taken to the NL90DT page.


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