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13-26 metre EWPs for Powercor

13-26 metre EWPs for Powercor

02-May-2016 -

Nifty-Lift was selected as a premier supplier of insulated EWPs to CitiPower / Powercor, and will deliver 21 units over a twelve month period.  Powercor already have a large number of Nifty-Lift EWPs in their fleet, and demonstrations of our Enhanced User Interface and Series II KTF EWPs led operators and fleet management to select Nifty-Lift EWPs again. 

Both NL122TF and NL120KDT have been selected for the 13 metre category, whilst the 20 metre NL190KTF and 26 metre NL240KTF will join the fleet for the taller tasks.  The NL240KTF features 15.8 metres of side reach, which will likely be as useful at the 26 metre working height!

Powercor have repeatedly stated that their Nifty-Lift fly boom EWPs with up to 270º articulating fly boom and up to 180º rotating basket have provided a 30-40% productivity boost over traditional EWPs!  30-40% is a staggering increase, and helps make the purchasing decision easy when considering Nifty-Lift EWPs against the competitors models!  

Give us a call for more information on NL122TF, NL170KTF, NL190KTF and NL240KTF to take advantage of our productivity boosting features. 

15.8m side reach- NL240KTFBasket controls suit Live Line worksLimited slew modeLive Line EWP Nifty-Lift
Nifty-Lift 20m EWPNifty-LIft NL240KTF - Powercor specNL240KTF- 26 metre working heightOptional stabiliser controls to rear
Powercor NL190KTF


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