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Nifty Lift sale and manufacturers of elevated work platforms, elevating work platforms, ewp, cherry pickers, aerial lifts, aerial work platforms, truck mounted aerial devices (ewp's) in Melbourne and Victoria.

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Nifty-Lift service department - major Inspections and scheduled servicing28-Jun-2016 - Our service department continues to invest in ..
RUTHMANN T 540 on 6x6 chassis - recently delivered!18-May-2016 - We have recently delivered another award winni..
Coming soon - 13 metre tree trimming EWP12-May-2016 - Nifty-Lift is pleased to announce we have a ne..
13-26 metre EWPs for Powercor02-May-2016 - Nifty-Lift was selected as a premier supplier ..
NL122TF for Horizon Power - Western Australia30-Apr-2016 - Horizon Power is responsible for maintenance o..
New releases from RUTHMANN - available now!21-Apr-2016 - Nifty-Lift were present on the hure RUTHMANN s..
Nifty-Lift throws open the doors!31-Mar-2016 - To celebrate the move to our new premises, Nif..
Broadspectrum excels on Eastlink with RUTHMANN TB27005-Feb-2016 - Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield Services) r..
Nifty-Lift moves to larger premises!31-Jan-2016 - In response to demand for our high quality EWP..
Nifty-Lift apprentice takes out gold medal in welding!05-Dec-2015 - Nifty-Lift has always supported young individu..
Australian first- 27m EWP on a car licence!16-Jul-2015 - Nifty-Lift has identified a gap in the Australian ..
DownerTenix and Porter Plant invest in Nifty-Lift EWPs10-Jul-2015 - Earlier in the year Nifty-Lift supplied a number o..
New Material Handler model released, featuring load monitoring! 15-Jun-2015 - Nifty-Lift has done it again! We are proud to anno..
Ruthmann T 480 delivered to JM Tower Hire10-Jun-2015 - A new 48 metre model has joined the award winning ..
Australia’s resources industry relies on Nifty-Lift NL70LVM27-May-2015 - The 7 metre NL70LVM continues to sell well into Au..
Nifty-Lift and RUTHMANN at HIRE1530-Apr-2015 - Nifty-Lift was proud to showcase the best in vehic..
Ute mounted packages available, with finance options15-Apr-2015 - Calling all hire companies and contractors! Add a ..
More Nifty-Lift Major Inspections to AS255031-Mar-2015 - We have completed a number of refurbishments of Ni..
Demonstration days for power sector23-Feb-2015 - We recently conducted product demonstration days a..
TracGrip – KiwiRail – Road/Rail EWP20-Nov-2014 - Nifty-Lift regularly export our popular EWPs to Ne..
Road / Rail EWPs by Nifty-Lift 30-Sep-2014 - Nifty-Lift continues to provide the rail industry ..
Ute mounted work platforms at work22-Aug-2014 - The NL100LVM ute mounted EWP is perfect for contra..
New Models coming! 12-May-2014 - Our Research and Development program continues una..
ANSYS simulation software for Nifty-Lift engineers17-Jan-2014 - We have just invested in state of the art ANSYS si..
Service Division delivers remanufactured NL140RKT19-Dec-2013 - Our service division has just completed a Major In..
NL120KDT street lighting combo10-Dec-2013 - Nifty-Lift has developed an EWP package perfect fo..
Upgraded Rail EWP now available! 04-Dec-2013 - The Nifty-Lift engineering team carried out a majo..
9 metre contractor EWP- Nifty-Lift NL90DT 30-Nov-2013 - We recently delivered a number of our popular NL90..
Mining work platforms from Nifty-Lift13-Oct-2013 - Nifty-Lift has a vast range of experience supplyin..
More 26 metre Nifty-Lift’s for hire! 25-May-2013 - Nifty-Lift has just completed another order fo..
Nifty-Lift at Bauma 2013 – Munich, Germany30-Apr-2013 - With our new partner Ruthmann hosting a huge s..
Nifty-Lift delivers 1000th elevating work platform!28-Mar-2013 - Nifty-Lift has reached a major milestone- our ..
Award winning RUTHMANN EWPs available in Australia07-Mar-2013 - NIFTY-LIFT is proud to announce their new part..
Our Enhanced User Interface has been released!09-Dec-2012 - Customers have begun receiving Nifty-Lift EWPs fit..
Nifty-Lift Engineering Services!01-Nov-2012 - Nifty-Lift has an experienced team of qualified en..
See Nifty-Lift on YouTube01-Oct-2012 - Nifty-Lift has a dedicated channel where you can s..
Nifty-Lift gives a 30% productivity improvement!05-Sep-2012 - ..
Nifty-Lifts for hire22-Aug-2012 - A number of major hire companies have recognised N..
Nifty-Lift at the Energy Supply Industry Field Days28-Jul-2012 - Nifty-Lift was pleased to support the Energy Suppl..
A floating Nifty-Lift!15-Jun-2012 - Nifty-Lift recently worked with a marine engineer ..
NL240KTF machines delivered to Endeavour Energy08-Mar-2012 - We have a number of our 26 metre NL240KTF elevatin..
Recent exporting activity – New Zealand, Indonesia 01-Feb-2012 - Nifty-Lift has recently shipped a large number of ..
Demonstration days01-Nov-2011 - Nifty-Lift has recently carried out a number of fi..
Nifty-Lift gives superior insulation protection for operators16-Aug-2011 - The patented Nifty-Lift ‘IICL’ high vo..
KTF Range gives a 30% productivity gain01-Jul-2011 - The industry leading features of 180º fly boo..
Nifty-Lift celebrates our 20th Anniversary! 28-May-2011 - Being such a major milestone in our history, we to..
Official release of the High Capacity NL140/325RKT 20-Apr-2011 - After custom designing a heavy duty version of our..
Nifty-Lift welcomes ETSA as a new fleet customer! 15-Feb-2011 - Nifty-Lift has recently delivered a number of our ..
Nifty-Lift Road/Rail EWP delivered to Laing O’Rourke20-Jan-2011 - Nifty-Lift was proud to deliver our first Road/Rai..
Nifty-Lift raises money for Movember! 01-Dec-2010 - Some members of the Nifty-Lift production team got..
NL90ST-HV released for National Broadband Network contractors!28-Oct-2010 - Nifty-Lift is able to supply the only High Voltage..
New engineer joins the experienced Nifty-Lift engineering team.21-Sep-2010 - To ensure we continue to lead the EWP (http://www...
Nifty-Lift reaches 432 metres! 23-Aug-2010 - Nifty-Lift recently supplied our smallest model, t..
Nifty-Lift fleet featured in TruckForce!07-Jul-2010 - Our recent partnership with Patterson Cheney MAN t..
First NL190KTF delivered!07-May-2010 - Following on from the successful release of the NL..
Delivery of NL170KTF fleet to Powercor10-Apr-2010 - Nifty-Lift recently delivered a fleet of our new N..
Nifty-Lift upgrades production facilities to cope with demand!30-Mar-2010 - Nifty-Lift has a dedicated manufacturing facility ..
Insulated basket liners now available!15-Mar-2010 - Once again proving to be the leaders in design inn..
New Nifty-Lift NL170KTF16-Dec-2009 - The first NL170KTF has rolled out of the Nifty-Lif..
NL170KTF in Production23-Aug-2009 - Nifty-Lift is proud to announce the new NL170KTF i..
Release of new NL240KTF31-May-2009 - Nifty-Lift is proud to announce the release of the..