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About Us

About Nifty-Lift

Nifty-Lift was established in Victoria, Australia in 1991. Today, Nifty-Lift is an established Elevated Work Platform design and manufacturing company which has developed a range of vehicle mounted EWPs, and several self-propelled EWPs.  Nifty-Lift’s huge range of innovative aerial devices caters allows the company to offer specialized designs for specific industries. 

The Insulated product range primarily serves the electricity industry, with models offering electrical insulation protection from Low Voltage rated through to 132kV High Voltage ratings.  Nifty-Lift’s Insulated range includes many industry leading boom configurations,them some of the most maneuverable insulated EWP’s available.  Whilst power authorities tend to be the largest users of Nifty-Lift Insulated EWP’s, hire companies, mines, councils, vegetation clearing (tree-trimming), and street lighting contractors are all satisfied Nifty-Lift Insulated customers.

The Nifty-Lift Mining range of EWP’s has been specifically designed to be heavy duty and robust to cope with the rugged terrain and tough conditions experienced in both open cut and underground mining applications.  Nifty-Lift have specific aerial devices for surveying, roof reinforcement works, explosive charging, and cable and plumbing installation works, and offer ute /pickup mounted, truck mounted, and custom mounts to suit specific mining chassis.  The team of Nifty-Lift engineers is always keen to work with our mining customers to find a solution to all their access equipment needs.

Many of the Nifty-Lift Insulated models are easily converted to an Un-insulated version, providing a light and inexpensive solution to many working at height issues.  Additionally, our sales and engineering teams are also able to work with our customers to bring together an EWP manufactured overseas, with a locally sourced cab chassis to ensure compliance with local registration requirements.  Due to the limited number of applications in Australia, local manufacturing of large (30 metre +) EWP’s is not viable, so Nifty-Lift are able to arrange local commissioning of our customers preferred large EWP brand. 

Nifty-Lift Hi-Rail EWPs are designed with a detailed knowledge of the processes involved in the construction and maintenance of overhead rail systems.  Nifty-Lift draws on this experience to help our customers devise the ideal Road/Rail EWP package, including cab chassis selection, high-rail gear, and EWP and scissor lift options.  We are able to project manage the entire build, or simply supply a Nifty-Lift EWP to an existing hi-rail truck. 

Over the past 10 years in particular, Nifty-Lift has responded to the increase in demand for elevating work platforms by increasing our design and manufacturing capacity.  Our dedicated manufacturing and assembly plant in Kilsyth, Melbourne is designed to cope with large scale fleets of 100+ units, such as those with Energex and Ergon Energy, as well as Research and Development of new Nifty-Lift models.

While predominately servicing the Australian market, Nifty-Lift’s innovative products are also sold into the USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Fiji and Indonesia.  Dealership and exporting enquiries are always welcome. 


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